Handmade Calabash Mate Gourd - German Silver Trim and Base (Dark brown)

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  • TRADITIONAL MATE SET - This yerba mate tea set includes: A natural handmade mate gourd - Mate cup (Calabaza) with a german silver ring rim and base, a bombilla (mate straw) with removable filter head for optimal cleaning and brush. Please read the included manual with clear instructions before any use for a long lasting product.
  • NATURALLY AUTHENTIC - Authentic handcrafted in Argentina natural Gourd. No machines, a unique style and artwork making each piece unique. Each Calabash Gourd grows uniquely, at his time and form. No two are the same. Some are bigger, some are smaller. Nature does not repeat - it creates. Years pass by and every sip brings sweet memories and special feelings with a unique taste that only a natural Gourd can provide. Contains approximately 7 oz I 200 ml. The Bombilla Is 5.5 inch I 14 cm long.
  • GERMAN SILVER DETAILS - Includes a german silver ring and base as well as a german silver coin with a symbol called ¨Guarda Pampa¨ associated with the Gauchos clothing and rural life. Mate is integral to the gauchos culture, learning how to drink it traditionally is an art! GREAT GIFT - Drink it traditionally or as a South american souvenir made of a complete natural fruit. An ideal product for personal use or as a beautiful gift.
  • RICH HISTORY & KNOWN-BENEFITS - The Calabash Gourd is generally made from a kind of "pumpkin" called Lagenaria. Being made of a complete natural fruit the gourd yerba mate must be cured, to seal the pores, avoid bitterness and cracks. The packaging includes a manual in Spanish and English with clear instructions on how to cure and prepare it for the best mate bombilla experience!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If for any reason you are unsatisfied or have any issue with the product, being a complete natural gourd it is very fragile and can get damaged during the shipping process, please contact us and give us the chance to rectify the problem. We assume complete responsibility for all our shipments and are determined to provide total satisfaction to our valued customers.

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