BALIBETOV Premium Collection - Selected Handmade Yerba Mate Kit - Carry Matera Bag, Mate Gourd, Thermos, Yerbera & Bombilla Included

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BALIBETOV Selected Mate Kit includes all the need for an enjoyable Mate experience. A complete Kit, all handcrafted in Argentina with premium materials by local artisans. A Great gift for any Yerba Mate lover!

The Kit Includes: 1 Matera Bag, 1 Mate Gourd, 1 Yerba Container, 1 Thermos, 1 Bombilla & 1 Cleaning brush.
Yerba mate not included

Each purchase is packed beautifully and includes a step by step manual with clear instructions on how to cure, prepare, maintain your Gourd for the best taste and experience!

MATERA BAG - Design to last made with authentic cow leather interior and exterior. Available in Black, Brown and suela colors. Comfortable to carry with the perfect space to carry all the need for an enjoyable Mate experience from the office to the park! Dimensions:
Height: 39 cm I 15.3 inch
Length: 31 cm I 12.2 inch

MATE GOURD - Traditional handmade Gourd set - Bombilla straw and cleaning brush included. Being a natural handmade product, no two are the exact same. Each Gourd is a unique work of art!
Three Mate Gourd variants available:
1- The Chaco Carob Wood Gourd is made interior and exterior from Carob wood, the most premium wood Mate in the market. It Includes a carved German silver base.
2- The Torpedo Calabash Gourd is made from selected Calabash fruit wrapped in genuine cow leather. The calabash fruit provides an exquisite taste to the beverage!
3- The Black Leather and Glass Gourd is made with Glass in its interior with a handmade genuine cow leather wrapped in its exterior. A modern Gourd with a traditional look. Very easy to clean and maintain!

THERMOS - Constructed from food-grade 18/8 stainless steel interior and exterior, our high-quality Thermo won't rust, retain or transfer flavors. Perfect for everyday use!

YERBA CONTAINER - Fit the perfect amount of Yerba to take it along from the office to the park! Made interior and exterior with genuine cow leather it includes a strong zip and a lining keeping the Yerba fresh. Instead of carrying the package of yerba, add yerba mate in the bag to transport it safely and fill the gourd easily. [The included Yerbera is the same color as the chosen bag]

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