Premium Yerba Mate Dust Remover - Yerba & Sugar Container Included (Orange)

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About this item

  • WHAT IS A “DESPOLVILLADOR”? In Spanish, the word “Despolvillador” means dusting. This innovative accessory is a Yerba Mate dust remover. A container in which you keep your Yerba Mate and through a light shake it separates the dust from the Yerba.
  • BENEFITS - The first of its kind! A must-have accessory for the best mate experience. The elimination of the dust from the Yerba reduces heartburn and other gastric discomforts caused by it. The solution for bitter Mates is here. Say goodbye to clogs in the Bombilla Straw. Take it wherever you go and enjoy your Mate all day!
  • MODERN DESIGN - Holds up to 8 oz of yerba mate and is thoughtfully designed to connect traditional mate lovers with the modern world. Great gift for any Mate lover! Available in 5 gorgeous colors.
  • EASY TO USE & CLEAN - Made of top-quality Virgin Plastic, this Yerba Mate cup is designed to last. Watch Video for an easier understanding of its use. Instructions included. MEASUREMENTS 6.30 in Height X 2.35 in Width I 16 cm Height X 6 cm Width.
  • BONUS - Includes a Sugar controller. Add the perfect amount of sweetness and enjoy this natural energizer beverage with all the benefits it offers! SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

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