Handmade Calabash Mate Gourd - Wrapped in Genuine Leather (Suela)

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About this item

  • THE SET -  This Mate set is handmade in Argentina. It includes a natural calabash gourd wrapped in genuine leather with an aluminum rim ring, a stainless steel bombilla straw and a cleaning brush.
  • ABOUT THE GOURD -  The Gourd is the original way in which the Mate is taken, generally made from a kind of "pumpkin" called Lagenaria. Being made of a pumpkin its shapes and sizes vary a bit. For this same reason the Mate gourd must be cured, to seal the pores and provide an exquisite taste to the beverage. The package includes a clear manual with the curing and maintenance process.
  • THIS SET BENEFITS -  The traditional and original way of drinking mate is in a mate gourd, the gourd is completely natural, no chemicals or coloring added.
  • MEASURES - In general gourds are approximately the size of an average fruit (apple, pear or peach), some are a little bigger, some are a little smaller. It varies because they are natural. It contains approximately 7 oz I 200 ml . The Bombilla is 5.5 inch I 14 cm long.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If for any reason you are unsatisfied or have any issue with the product, being a complete natural gourd it is very fragile and can get damaged during the shipping process, please contact us and give us the chance to rectify the problem. We assume complete responsibility for all our shipments and are determined to provide total satisfaction to our valued customers.

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